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What is Viget?

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Viget is a free android app which you can browse and search your favorite videos and music from popular websites and download them to your phone!


Viget (Android Application)

Version: 1.0.0 | 14/9/2016
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This app is only for personal use. You are not allowed to share downloaded videos to others because of Youtube and Dailymotion policies. Also, this app won't download copyrighted videos/musics from Youtube/Soundcloud

What's New

Version 1.0.0:


Q: Some websites are not working for me!

A: Some websites are restricted in some countries. Please check if you can open the site in browser. This app won't bypass the restrictions.

Q: Some functions used to work but now it's not!

A: Websites keep changing their services. If some websites stopped working please report via Feedback in Viget app and I'll fix it asap.

You can also ask your questions on XDA thread of Viget Application from HERE


Viget Screenshot Viget Screenshot
Viget Screenshot Viget Screenshot

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